Servo Motor 1-Phase AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator (5KVA)

Servo Motor 1-Phase AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator (5KVA)

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This is an electronic device or circuit that maintains an output voltage to be consistent to its load current. This is necessary because the voltage delivered to your home and mine may sometimes fluctuate which can cause serious damages to your appliance; if not completely destroying it. This AVR has a servomechanism that hunts the accurate voltage when surges happen in order to maintain the needed voltage level that ultimately protects your appliance.

LCD Display, 5KVA, Single Phase, Input voltage: AC170V – AC250V, Output voltage: AC220V +/- 3%, Efficiency: >90%, Frequency: 50Hz, Adjust time: Within 1 second against 10%input voltage variation, Delay time: 5 seconds/255 seconds choice
Supports inductive loads
G.W(kg): 18kg

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The Servo Motor type AVR uses a magnetic core with a motorized servo mechanism to regulate the voltage. The servomechanism is the one responsible in switching connections in order to maintain the acceptable voltage. Durability wise, a Servo Motor type AVR is better than a Relay type as it can withstand voltage fluctuation better than the solid state Relay type which may easily get damaged. Single phase servo motor ac automatic voltage stabilizer. The product has the low energy consumption, the over-voltage protection, the low voltage protection, the over- current protection, the over-power protection, the over-temperature protection, the leakage protection and so on. It boasts for many kinds of protection functions integrated to one product. It also has the following functions: the selective time delay, the anti- impact, the LCD multi- demonstrations Occasions: Home appliances, Computers, Test equipment, Lighting equipment, Alarm and security system, X-ray equipment, Medical equipment, Duplicator, Broadcasting equipment, Numeric control machine tool, Industrial robot, Photographic processing equipment, Laboratory instrument, Hi-Fi equipment.